AfterBurn Technologies, Managed Service Provider:

AfterBurn Technologies has taken an innovated approach to Managed Services. Our approach is simple: forget the patch, fix the problem. We believe in proactive, verses reactive methods. We are not just an outsource for technology support; we are a partner in your company. Our goal is to provide technology solutions and support to ensure our customers are the most efficient and productive during their business day. In our fast-paced, rapidly changing world, there is inevitably going to be technology issues. No system can handle 24/7 usage without a glitch or a bump in the road. We know there is going to be system outages and equipment failures, whether by human error or Mother Nature. Our goal at AfterBurn Technologies is to build in redundancies and fail over-sites, in an attempt to avoid future losses or failures.

We also know that not all customer’s needs are the same. To ensure the best technology support for your needs, we do a thorough network assessment before we discuss what we can or will offer. This assessment is normally done remotely to help defer the cost, which is always provided free of charge to you. Once we have a better understanding of what your IT infrastructure looks like, and how you interact with the system, we will make our recommendations in writing. We make it a priority to keep downtime during production hours to a minimum, while maintaining the overall health and reliability of your technology systems.